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Im debating if i want to sell it or not, theres something about building computers from scratch, that i absolutely love. So im debating if i should sell it for the right price, and build something differnt.<br><br>
But how much do you think this is all worth, bought it in the beginning of summer.<br><br>
Black Case(bought off Geeks.com) has Blue LED's in the front window in the side. Has built in USB, and headphone jacks.<br>
Asus A8N32SLi Motherboard<br>
AMD 3700+ SD (not sure of stepping) stock fan<br>
2 Gig OCZ XTC platinum<br>
1 eVGA 7900 GT KO<br>
2 250GB WD Caviar (16mb Cache) in RAID 0<br>
Antec 500Watt Smartpower 2.0<br>
X-Fi Fatality sound card, with front dock installed.<br>
1 Cd-RW (NEC i believe)<br>
1 DVD +- RW (pioneer)<br>
floppy drive<br>
2 front case fans, 1 120mm blue led exaust, 1 side window Blue LEd intake fan.<br><br>

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I would say a thousand-ish.
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