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I am thinking about selling my entire rig. I just don't game that much anymore and it takes up a lot of space. Everything will go except for the monitors and mouse/keyboard. I have "a bunch" listed for hard drives; I will keep all of those except for a 36GB raptor. That drive is plenty big enough for a system drive, just need to add on a second bigger drive.<br />
<br />
Misc. Notes<ul><li>The CPU is only a few days old (I just put in a new San Diego).</li>
<li>The video card is from Sapphire.</li>
<li>Memory is the Pro version with LEDs</li>
<li>Case is in great shape with oc.net decorations already in place!</li>
<li>Has never been dramatically overclocked</li>
<li>has 4 UV Cold Cathodes installed</li>

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$750 USD.<br />
<br />
$120 for the cpu. <br />
$40 for the audigy. <br />
$180 for the case. <br />
$20 for xp-120. <br />
$85 for ram. <br />
$60 for board. <br />
$80 for psu. <br />
$80 for raptor. <br />
$80 for gpu.
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