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AMD Phenom II x4 960T (Will clock to 4009MHz & will Unlock)
ASUS Crosshair III Formula
2x Micro Center 64gb. SSD's(aka Adata 599S's
1x Seagate 500gb. Hard drive
1x Seagate 1tb. Hard drive
2x Gigabyte AMD HD 6870's(915 MHz/4200 MHz)[But will OC to the SuperClocked specs. 950 MHz/4400 MHz)They are less then a year old.
8gb. OCZ Gold Series(DDR3-1600MHz
1000W Cooler Master Silent Pro Modular
Koolance Asus Crosshair motherboard water block(MB-ASC3F)
Black Ice GT Stealth 120mm Rad
Rasa 750 RS360 WaterCooling Kit(With Kill Coil)
6x XIGMATEK XSF-F1252 fans
2x Yate Loon fans
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Sound Card
Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Limited Edition Case
3x ASUS VH196T Monitors
1x XFX Active mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

I would really like to sell it AIO,If possible.
Thank you.

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Cpu ~ 90-100

Mobo ~ No idea lmao. Cant find ANY price range for it anymore. So guessed 100$ lols5

If the 6870s are 1gb you can get them for 50-80 bucks a piece on ebay

SSDs were selling for 15 dollars on Microcenter. So like 10 dollars.

Seagate 1Tb ~ 50 dollars.

Seagate 500 ~30-40 dollars.

Ram ~ 30-35$

PSU ~ 145-150$

Mobo waterblock ~ 55$

120mm rad ~ 30$

Kit (Non raystorm) ~ 75$

Fans ~ 15$

Sound card ~ 35$

Case ~ 120$ (Depending on condition)

Monitors ~ 80$ a pop

So 1200$ before shipping (Personally thats pushing it, can get newer gen for same price)

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Thank you.
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