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Appraisal : My system:)

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Well tell me what you think.

Cpu: P4 478 [email protected] stable
Ram: 2 gigs corsair @ 2.5 2 2 6 ddr 400
Mobo: Asus p4p800-e
gfx card: EVGa 6800gs unlocked to 16/6
cooling: Custom dangerden TDX water
case : Antec p180 silent
HDD: 1x36 gig raptor, 2x80 gig sata
Psu: Antec neo power 480w (silent)
dvd+-rw with lightscribe
LCd: 17" Sony

[email protected] 27 idle and 32 load
its about 6 monthes old.
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I would say ~1400 bux, that's one rockin rig... I assumed you wanted the monitor appraised? Btw, in your system specs, it says you have a 6600GT...
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