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I'm looking to weed down the number of machines I have around the house (if you can believe it these boxes are being used as HTPC machines). Any idea what the following systems might be worth? Should I part them out or sell as bundles?

System 1

1.Asus p9x79 WS - in good cosmetic shape except missing one pcie retention clip (slot still works perfectly)
2. Xeon 2650L V2. QS chip not an ES chip. Low clock speed but 10 cores.
3. 32GB (4x8Gb) quad channel ECC DDR3 1600

System 2
1.Asus p9x79 - perfect cosmetic shape
2. I7 4930K (does 4.3 effortlessly with minimal extra voltage
3. 32GB quad channel ddr3 memory (2133mhz red gskill ripjaws kit)

System 3
1. Gigabyte GA-X99-Gaming 5P. Perfect cosmetic condition.
2. I7 6850K (low hours, I barely even took out out of the box).
3. 32gb evga (really gskill) ddr4 3000 quad channel
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