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I am considering an Aqua Dual Circuit Rad for my current build and I am looking for anyone that has first hand knowledge in their system.
What size were you thinking about, and how much space do you have for it.

The suckers are huge compared to normal rads, and if you want a 120 fan sized rad, be aware that it's the same width as the ones for 140 sized fans.

They both use the same core, just cut to different lengths with different side rails for the 120 sized fans versus the 140 sized fans.

Check the size and measure where you plan to install it . . .

From a cooling perspective, they are mediocre at best, the round tubes make it very hard to attain turbulent flow, especially with the restrictive end caps.

The copper finned models offer a bit better performance and look nicer as well.

Don't skimp on the pump you choose, duals could be an advantage.

From an aesthetic perspective, the stainless steel side rails look really sharp if they fit your build's theme.

The ports can be another issue, depending on what fittings you use.

Each port has a recess for the connecting sleeves that they use to stack the rads together, plan your fittings accordingly.

As mentioned, the split is about 30/70. . . . Actually, it's 6 of the 21 tubes for the secondary portion. Comes out to 28.6% actually.

I would have liked to see 8 or 9 tubes for the secondary side, yielding 38%/62% and 43%/57%.

Actually, either could be done with only a change of end caps . . . hint . . .hint . . . hint

They use M3 hardware with little inserts in the stainless side rails for the fan mounting screws.

One thing you'll really appreciate though, is the build quality.

They are very well made.


Here's a pic of a dual circuit 420 with the end cap removed. You can see the outline of the oring that segregates those 6 tubes:


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Thanks Darlene!
I have plenty of space and I will probably go with the single circuit with the attached D5. I have used Aqua for years and I love their gear. You can get an idea of what I am doing HERE. I had originally intended something a little different, but these will work nicely for my setup.
Thanks again, Rocky.
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