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Aqua Multiswitch Combatibility

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Just picked up the LT version of this, which should make life a lot easier for cleaner wiring for leds and power.

Total Power ouput is 40 watts with 8 channels/1amp each channel (8 additional ones for leds )
No fat ugly molex BULL*****! simple real man screw terminals

I want to use
1. channel yate loon 88cfm
2. channel yate loon 88cfm
3. cathode Invert 2 bulbs
4. cathode inverter 1 bulb
5. Eheim Innovatek HPPS
6. Eheim Innovatek HPPS
7. Eheim Innovatek HPPS
8. Not sure yet.

Is it safe to use a pump on this type of switch? This eheim pump uses only 6-10watts (depending on setting)
Any idea how many watts are on a cathode inverter?

Also, if you have this unit, how do you configure out to the resistor on the leds.
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to do the resistor out to the LEDs just find an led resistance calculator. i would link you one but im at school. all you need is a resistor strong enough to bring down your current to 5v or whatever your LED uses. you can wire them in series to and run them off one channel.
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