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So I have a new Aquaero 6 I am adding to my custom desk case build and need some help on wiring it up.

My Asrock X99m Extreme4 has 4 USB 2.0 headers ports on the mobo - but 2 of them are 4 pin & the other two are 5 pin - but all of the USB cables that came with Aqua Computers hardware are all 5 pin USB - so do I want to plug the USB cables into the 4 pin or 5 pin slots? Does it matter?

A6 - there are 2 main cables that came with the A6 itself:

RPM signal cable - what is this for and where do I plug it in? (I see where to plug it in on the A6, just not sure what the other ends gets plugged into?)

5 pin USB cable - I only see one 5 pin port on the A6 so this goes directly to the USB header on the mobo then right?

MPS Flow 400:

Has an RPM signal cable

USB 5 pin cable - I assume the USB goes into the mobo too right?

This has a TEMP port on it - should I plug my 2 pin in-line G1/4 temp sensor in this port then or the A6 itself?

What about the 4 pin Aquabus port?

Alarm Port - do I plug the RPM cable into this? Then what on the A6?

The 5 pin USB port plugs into the mobo USB header, not the A6 right?

D5 Pumps:

I have two Aquacomputer D5 Pump Mechanics with RPM Signal- where do I want to plug these two RPM cables into on the A6?

Does this allow me to then control the speed of these pumps? They also have the manual setting on them and are both set to 2 - should I set them higher if I can control them via the software or just leave them on 2?


I'm going to have 16 fans on this setup total - but I only see 4 fan ports on the A6 - so how do I connect all of these fans so the A6 can read/adjust their speed?


Has one 5 pin USB cable

I'm not 100% sure I'm going to use/need this.

I plan on having the inside of the case light up with UV LEDs that I can control on/off with a push button switch built into the case - so I don't think I need the Farbwerk for this for any reason right?

These are the UV LEDs I'm going to buy:


I will probably get the controllers that they offer for this line of LEDs - unless somehow I can link them to the Farberwrk but still be able to control them via the push button switch for on/off functions?

I do also plan on having RGB LEDs on the outside of the case - also controlled on/off with a push button switch (in case I want mood lighting without the computer on) and a separate power source so I can run them will the computer is off. I was just planning on also buying these from the environmental lighting company, unless I should/need to buy specific ones for the Farberwerk - but still being able to control them without the computer being on.

So once again I don't think I need the Farbwerk for this either do I?

If I do, what cable to I use to connect it to the A6 and where exactly would it plug into on it?

So all in all I will use 2 or 3 USB headers on my mobo depending on if I use the Farbwerk.
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