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So heres my dilema. it started when i began noticing my 5970 idling at 45c from its normal 39-40 c i figured it was because my case fans were set too low so i turned them up. no change in temperature. i then proceded to up my gpus fan speed and once again no change in temperature. i then ran unigine valley benchmark and my card sky rocketed to 75 c from its normal 55c. at this point i was freaking out trying to figure out what was going on. i noticed in gpu z that it wasnt reporting the fan speed rpm which was unusual so i looked inside my case and noticed none of the 3 fans were running. i immediatly shut off my pc and unplugged the power supply and discharged all power. i plugged my psu back in and turned my computer back on. the fans were running normally again but after about 10 min my fans once again shut off so i shut everything off and removed my card to inspect damages. not a single damage was found so i put it back in. all the fans are running again for now but now i cant control their speed.

its very odd though because afterburner reports that the fan % is in fact going down to what i want but the rpm stays at 2000rpm regardless of what % i set it to. unfortunately i cant quite pinpoint when this happened exactly. it hasnt been more than a week thats for sure. in that time i hadnt done any driver updates or major system changes. no viruses found. nothing out of the ordinary can be seen.

this isnt an old accelero either. it was part of their remake line that they had done last year. i hope someone can shed some light on this issue before it becomes serious
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