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Hi I have a Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid II 120 Liquid VGA Cooler set up with my r9 290x, The temps are decent around 40c full load.
I have a Cooler Master Jetflo 120 95 cfm fan pushing air through the rad on the back of the case, Installed inside. The stock gpu fan with the Artic cooling vga cooling kit is pulling air on the rad.
Basically a fan on each side of the rad.

I am curious about the rpm's on the Artic cooling gpu fan, Seems to lose allot of rpm's when I turn the speed up on the Jetflo fan. I have checked over and over again to make sure the fans are blowing air through the same direction.

To understand it better, I would start off with the water cooling kits fan running at %100 "Artic Cooling fan that is pulling air" Get around 3200rpm, While the Jetflo was ar 800rpm.

Now when I turn the Jetflo fan up to %100 "The fan that is pushing air" Which would be 2000rpm, It would cause the Artic Cooling fan that pulling air to jump down to 2000rpm.
Artic cooling fan connects to the gpu card, And the Jetlo connects to a 4pin fan connector on the board.

Does this mean that because of the higher airflow pushing air through the rad, That the Artic Coolings fan lowers its fan speed automatically? Because of less resistance?
I thought that the fan speed would not be affected that much at all.

Artic Cooling stock rad fan is 74 CFM - %100 this fan is pulling air through the rad.
Cooler Master Jetflo fan is 95 cfm - %100 this fan is pushing air through the rad.
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