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Arctic cooling accelero Xtreme GTX 280 or Arctic cooling Xtreme GTX PRO

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Ive been looking for a good cooler for my gtx 275, all i found for extreme overclocking was these:
Accelero Xtreme GTX 280
Accelero Xtreme GTX PRO

It may be a stupid question, but i cant see any difference. I looked at the specs and they are the same in every way, other than the dimensions, which arnt that different. Ive looked up some pics on it, and i cant pick the difference.

Is it worth the extra money to get the GTX PRO?
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I think using the word "PRO" is just a marketing gimmick to make you think it's better. Probably a slightly different design to work with the gtx285 but for your purposes, they are the same. Also it's a good idea to wipe off the pre-applied stuff and use a proper TIM.
Actually they use MX-2, but there isn't enough of it applied for the size of the heat spreader.

But i get your point, a slight modification. Which wont help me anyway. Aw well, it will be coming on Wednesday.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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