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Arctic Cooling F9 Pro into a USB laptop cooler?

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I keep hearing USB delivers 5V and most fans are 12V, but haven't found definitive answers for any questions I've had in mind about making a USB powered laptop cooler. I've heard most fans don't start straight from USB, but seeing that F9 Pro is just 92mm in diameter and a rather low RPM fan, I'd think that I have a slight chance at making it work straight off the 5 volts USB port gives.

On the back of the fan it says 12V, 0,15A. Doesn't USB deliver 5V, 0,5A if it's not controlled? How will this larger amperage affect the performance of the fan? Is there a risk of frying the USB controller on my laptops motherboard when directly connecting stuff like this into it?

Fan in question, thanks for everyones time!

PS. I keep reading USB spelled with "an" and "a", which one is correct?

EDIT: I'm rather eager to try this out, and due to no much replies coming I guess I'll just rip a USB cable apart and attempt this with a bit older, useless computer for a good while to see if either the fan or the USB controller will fry. Just so I won't be blowing anything up when plugging it into my precious laptop. Will be posting results in few days
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Ok, it seems to work, the fan is making a tiny clicking sound but I guess that's just because it's running on 5V. It's pushing a surprising amout of air too, now I'll have to rig a makeshift test bench from books or something and find a temperature metering program that will work on laptops
Any chance you can post some pictures or procedure snapshots? I have lots of fans lying around, and this can certainly put them to the use. Thanks~
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