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ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro v1 LGA775

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I need an appraisal on used ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro v1. The v1 only fits a socket LGA775 unlike the newer v2. Also, I have removed the goofy, P.I.T.A. push pins and it comes with a bolt down kit. In like new condition, never been lapped.
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Probably 20 bucks. These are nice, but were always pretty cheap.

Although the bolt thrus might raise it to 25~30 or something.
$20 shipped
Bolt through? MAYBE $35 shipped. Although at that point you could just get a DK for $5-$10 more and have a better cooler

So probably $30 at most. $25 sounds good to my ears.
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OK. Thanks guys. I will put it in the FS section for $25 shipped as soon as my other one gets here.
$20 shipped

The new ones v2 go for around $30 shipped so I don't think $25 used would be a good price given the limited upgrade options (no support for lga 1156 and 1366 versus V2). If you want to sell it to make money, price it the v1 lower.

I too have the AC pro v1 for my pop's quad and planning to replace it with a FS-C77. I am planning to sell mine around $15 - $20 shipped
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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