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Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 ?

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My Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 should be here today. Should I use the thermal pads that come on it or take those off and use compound? I have some Ceramique coming with it too. Just looking too see what you guys think.

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leave the pads on if you take them off the heatsink wont come in contact with the memory chips.
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That's what I was looking for! Thanks! Cookie for you.
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Yeah i left the pads on, but use arctic silver 5 for lords sake, i learned the hard way lol
I heard ceramique was good for GPUs. I know AS5 is popular, but I have been doing electronics for 10+ years and just the thought of a CONDUCTIVE compound makes me cringe. Is it really that good?
i tried some generic stuff, got crap temps, i tried the stuff that comes on it, no good, as5 makes a huge diff.
use as5 on the core but dont use anything on the pads, there soft and using paste on top of a pad will affect the heat dissapation its one or the other NOT both and since you cant take the pads off its just the pads
Got it all installed (took 30 minutes) and have been testing.

At 425/800 I get 49 idle (50% fan) and 68 load (100% fan), was 55 idle (50% fan) and 75 load (100% fan) before cooler

At 440/850 I get 51 idle (50% fan) and 72 load (100% fan), I could not hit this before due to heat

Also, this card had a throttling issue. At 65 it throttles to "Low Power 3D Mode". This was easily solved by flashing a BIOS with only 1 performace level allowed (440/850). 110 FPS in CS:S stress test and between 80 and 200 in game. I know that's not a big drop in temps, but I got the overclock I was looking for and it's stable. Also, the stock paste (was silver, any ideas what it is?) on the cooler has not even closely cured yet, so we'll see. I may use AS Ceramique if I run into issues, but have not seen any as of yet.

I am told that because my card has Samsung memory, I am able to hit that 850 overclock. Also, the thermal pads for the memory on the NV5 are high quality 3M pads. They seem to transfer heat well.

That about wraps it up.
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nice oc! yeah i learned with using AS5 with a hardcore gaming, it really pays off, wait until it cures!
i had the same problems and when i put as5 on it, my temps dropped 5 more degrees
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