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I know this is probably asked a ton but this is from a personal and economizing point of view, but I'm an predominantly single player RPG/Action game, as well as an MMOaholic ( I install atleast every free mmo that catches my attention to try once, if not stick to it.), and I know it's blasphemy for some people but I despise FPS games with all my being, I have never found anything interesting or fun in them ofcourse that's just my taste. So I don't want high fps and don't mind a tiny bit of lag(as is expected from MMOs anyway) as it won't destroy my gaming experience, what I do want is a nice image though

So in building a new rig, trying to keep performance as high as possible without emptying my bank account, I have one last component to choose the GPU. I was thinking atleast from personal experience haven't seen graphics improve all that much in the past 2 or 3 years (without using game mods and such).

So am I just using that as an excuse for being cheap to not get a 7970/Next-Gen Nvidia. Or can I hold off on the spending and get something like a 570/6970 max out most of my games for now (again mostly on MMOs/RPGs), until something gives me a reason to splurge on a nicer model?

Ah and this is to be used via HDMI on a 40in 1080p LED-LCD TV, since I know resolution plays a big role in choosing a GPU and VRAM.
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