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Are my graphics cards performing correctly?

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I have 2 GTX 295's as shown in my rig below. The rig below is my current rig and I was not able to update my GTX 295 drivers becuase i would get lower FPS than i would have if i used the ones on the disc. I was running on a Planar 21" monitor. I heard something about the upgraded drivers wouldnt work as good because they were made for a bigger monitor. I have now upgraded my monitor to a Planar 26". And upgraded my drivers to the latest and just want to know if they are working as they should be.

TF2: Running 1900x1200 i get around 40-100 fps. I was using Fraps.
CSS: Running 1900x1200 I got 158.59FPS on the StressTest. Not using Fraps.

And i am running 2 GTX 295's in SLI mode.
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that seems about right
Seems decent, but then again 4 GPUs is WAY overkill for a single 26'' monitor.

You could easily run both those games maxed out at playable framerates on just one of the GTX 295's, and set the other to a 24/7 folder.

But to answer your original question - yes, that seems normal. No game properly supports the 4th GPU so the scaling with 4 isn't as good as it would be with 3.
CSS looks a bit low. I get 450fps in the build in benchmark with one 4870 1GB.
some (older) games simply are not written to fully utilize SLI so this could be the case. Run a benchmark like 3d mark vantage to give us a true indication of your cards' performance
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