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Are these scores alright?

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With my sig rig I get 13787 in 3DMARK06. Is this a good or bad score?
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For your setup and OC I'd say it's about right.
seems pretty decent, i scored higher with my e8400 and gtx 260 core 216, but both o/c a lot.
on my second rig, I scored 14149 and it's a crappy q8200 oc @ 3.1 ghz.
It's not too bad. I think my roommate got somewhere around 12k-13k with a Q9450 @ stock clocks and 8800gts (320MB).
thats expected, with your setup

Originally Posted by conductor609 View Post
That score seems about right
What did you get?
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its perfectly fine
nothing to worry about
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