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Are These Speakers Any Good?

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are those worth the money or is it worth the extra hundred bux to get the z-5500's? please keep in mind i wont have a soundcaard i will be running off of onboard
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Most onboard sound isn't that bad really... It just puts it's extra work on your CPU.
I have the speakers that are one step below these and they sound great i never play them at 50% because it is so loud. These speaker should be awsome they r thx certified. the z-5500 have twice as much power and also alot more audio hook ups. the z5300 come with a wired remote and the z5500 comes with a wireless remote. i would buy the z-5300s but if u have the money and want the extra features go with the z-5500s.
I am puting this in the thread instead of a PM because the more exposure the better...threads MUST have descriptive titles. Bwomp...please edit the title of this thread to better describe your question. How about "Are These Speakers Any Good?". Click on edit on the the post and then click Go Advanced...you can change it there.

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Those Speakers will do the same job the z5500s will do but with half the power
Those should work fine, I use my onboard with a Altec Lancing suround with onboard.
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