I'm selling this as I no longer require it's exceptional cooling services (but mostly because gas prices are breaking me).

This is a modified Giryriz laptop cooler designed specifically for the Area51m R1/R2 laptops. The so called "smart" features quit working a few weeks after I bought it and so I took out it's brain and replaced it with "levers and pullies" ... so to speak. Some times dumb is better...

Anyway. It works very well at cooling the Area51m R2 laptop and has been quite fun to use, especially back a bit when I was testing max overclocks and what not on my own Area51m R2. Since then, I've resigned myself to just downclock my laptop for really good temps and to prolong it's life and have no need of a cooler at all any longer.

This is not a quiet cooler. Even with the fan control knobs set to the lowest setting, the fans still spin at about 1/4 their max speed and are audible. Turn the dials up to the max speed of 5000 RPM (each fan!), and the cooler becomes what one could describe as "cyclonic." This is a cooler for persons like me who enjoy wearing headphones 99% of the time while gaming and who enjoy pushing their CPU's to max daily overclocks.

Please do note these important points before pulling the trigger. I've also included several links that will give you more information on this bit of gear:
  • Paypal only; I'll cover shipping costs.
  • this modified Giryriz Area51m cooler plugs into a typical wall outlet (USA termination)
  • this is not a quiet cooler; you can hear it at all settings. I find it comforting as a white noise maker when sleeping.
  • there is no "fans off" setting. The fans will still spin at 1/4 their max speed even with the knobs turned down all the way.
  • this cooler is the best Area51m R1/R2 laptop cooler in the known universe (see included benchmark photos).
  • this cooler sells new for $275.00 (MSRP) and though it's much better now? I'm selling it for a paltry $100. Major win for you.
  • the cooler works flawlessly and has been thoroughly tested before shipping.
  • the fans could be replaced with more puny, less masculine fans if one so desired. But why would you do such a thing?

More info here from an OCN review...
More info here via Youtube:

Thanks for looking...