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I'll never own a locked mobile CPU. Having all desktop-grade components in an 11lb mobile chassis is ideal. Super fun too. I

As a very well-considered mobile computing upgrade path, I decided to drop the $$dosh$$ on a new RTX 2080 Super GPU board to drop in to my 2 year old Area51m R2 laptop, replacing the quite good RTX 2070 Super that this rig shipped with. Considering my usage scenario, this has ended up being far more fiscally reasonable than simply buying a new laptop for $3500+ or more. And besides.... I don't know of any current-gen laptops being released with full desktop grade components so I decided to sit on the Area51m R2 for another 2 years (especially since I'm warrantied through 2025).

Daily office workstations (imaging, video editing, writing, etc.) and strictly 1440p gaming? It made the most sense.

Here is some preliminary gameplay at 1440p. Dying Light 2 with all maxxed in-game graphic settings and playing at 1440p. I could easily maintain 120+ FPS but that would mean I'd have to play at medium or high settings ... which makes my skin itch just thinking about so I opt for max everything and at least a solid 80FPS to 90FPS lol . .. Dying Light 2 is a pretty good equalizer benchmark for CPU/GPU temps as there is generally a good usage split throughout.


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11 pounds of Pure Mobile Glory™

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I'm hoping by 2025, we will see similarly freakish laptops re-introduced into the mix.

Have fun...


Comet Lake is about 36-40% slower IPC than Gracemont.

Comet Lake is about 21% slower IPC than Zen 3

You could get a decent laptop for $1350 like a Lenovo Legion 5 Pro with Ryzen 7 6800H Zen3+, RTX 3070 Ti w/ mux switch, 16GB RAM. 512GB SSD, 16" 2560x1600 165Hz IPS 16:10, only weights 5.64lbs
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