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This Area51m R2 is almost 2 years old after all. But I would not trade in for a 12th gen/3080 ti Alienware X series even if they payed me too. They are frail, hard as all get out to work on (get ready to break something), have non replaceable parts and are all toaster ovens that will bake themselves to death within a couple of years.
Have you tried one of those latest Alienware laptops? I'm playing around with a Precision with those specs. Pretty robust, definitely not frail, and for the most part in games, doesn't throttle. Upgradability... that's another story. There is none. Like most laptops.

What is the differentiator between this Alienware vs the new ones that make them "frail"? Are they just built poorer?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts