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Still can drop in a 10900K but I'm not going to ...
I would go hunt down a SP120+ 10900K. These chips can literally clock to 5.7Ghz+ in a desktop with little no effort on all cores. And blast 5.3-5.4GHz in a laptop easily. Very minimal power consumption from such a CPU.

I would absolutely be after an LTT Golden Sample 10900K for such a machine. I know a guy who was selling a SP123 10900K CPU was just insane.

CPU quality is everything! Just imagine (2) 10900K’s. One runs through R23 @5.2Ghz and sucks down 340 watts, while another can do the same thing @5.2Ghz and use only 200 watts.

I have an 11900K right now that can run 5.4Ghz on all cores and only use 260 watts through R23. Or bone stock at only around 135 watts through R23. It’s crazy! Most of those CPU’s are over 300 watts stock. Laptops only deserve the best Chips for sure..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts