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Hi all,

i play call of duty 2 on a regular basis, and i recently changed my settings in the sound effect manager in control panel (msi motherboard), and from there onwards people on teamspeak haven't been able to hear their own voices when i talk...

Under control panel > sounds+audio devices > audio ..... it has realtek AC97 under sound playback and sound recording, however, i have the icemat siberia usb headset, which i want to use as default (there is no option allowing me to select it on the drop down, just the realtek ac97 option). My brother has the same headset, and has teh icemat siberia usb headset on his drop down list.....

I can hear sounds such as msn logging on/off etc through the headset, but on teamspeak and gaming i hear fluctuations of extremely loud noises and soft deep noises, such as the banging of a drumb. The sound quality is crap, and i cant hear anything at all in game....

I have purchased a usb icemat siberis sound card, however, i still think the sound lays in the settings.

I have the latest realtek driver..

On a side note, my microphone keeps automatically muting itself under control panel > sound / audio devices > audio > volume. Any idea to prevent this from happening?

Any help to get this back to normal will be EXCELLENT!

Sorry about the long post

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