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Ok so currently my 6870 is being wasted on my quite small screen so I was wondering if the Arianet M240 is worth the price. Check out the link:


Also, I understand that my graphics card can't run two VGA monitors because something about one being DVI-D and the other being DVI-I. Would I be able to run this and my current monitor which is running off a VGA adapter?

Found the post about the monitor situation:
"The two DVI ports on the card (and this is not disclosed and very hard info to come by) are not identical; only one is DVI-I (capable of VGA compatibility and vertical frequencies of over 60Hz). The other one is DVI-D, not compatible with VGA (so I cannot put my/any VGA monitor on it) and locked at 60 Hz ( so I cannot put my 120Hz gaming LCD monitor on it either). " from here
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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