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countdown !


A.C.E. Mod for ArmA 2, Official Announcement!

It has been nearly 1 year, since the A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod, for ArmA 1, was released.
Since that release, we have been constantly working on our Mod, to improve it, expand it, and fix the things we could.
In the meantime, ArmA 2 has been released for about 6 months, and our attention has been on the mod for ArmA 2, for at least that long.

Today we would like to announce our plans for a Public Release.
As with ACE1, we have decided to start with a Public Beta Release, planned for the week of 7 December.
We intend to keep updating our Mod on a daily basis in this Public Beta stage.
We do this to get as much feedback and bug reports as possible, as soon as possible, and provide everyone the latest code to test.

Then before the end of the year, we hope to deliver a few promised, finalized features, and fix immediate issues that are found.

What is A.C.E. and what is it not

A.C.E. for ArmA 2 is a full conversion mod and is based on A.C.E. for ArmA 1, which was based on WGL for OFP.
The WGL roots were "When realism matters". We lifted this already a little bit with A.C.E. 1.
And with A.C.E. 2 it is no different. We try to keep a balance between realism and gameplay. We try not to sacrifice either in name of the other.
We try to please as many as possible, but it is simply impossible to please all.
Please feel free to give constructive feedback on our choices.

The Package

The A.C.E. Package for ArmA 2 consists out of 3 building blocks:

* CBA: Community Base Addons
* ACE: Core
* ACEX: eXtras

CBA and ACE are a requirement, while ACEX is an optional expansion pack.
This way, we hope to support our users who have requested smaller mod size, and ability to concentrate on their type of units/vehicles/weapons for countries they like to play with/against.


Much of the Mod has been rewritten / optimized, and we have based our workflow and tools on CBA methods.


We strive to keep our addons/mods as compatible as possible with others.
Sometimes this is not possible, or there were specific reasons why we had to go some way.
Please feel free to supply feedback on any compatibility issue you might encounter.

Installer, Updater, Patcher

There have been significant changes to the way we distribute our Mod.
Due to the ever growing sizes of content, and thus installers and updates, we have switched to a realtime patching system, called rSync, which is the core tool of the "Six Updater" Suite.
The software, once installed, can be used to install, update, maintain and repair managed modfolders.
It uses smart technologies to minimize the amount of data that needs to be downloaded, and is a very lightweight and fast protocol.

The technology has been in use for several months by the ACE team, and individual testers aswell as communities.
Documentation will be provided, and support delivered where possible.

Our milestone releases will be available in easy mirrorable 7z files, to minimize the stress on the rsync system, and give people casual means to download the initial install.



We are looking for http / ftp mirrors to release our Milestone 7z's on.


We are looking for rsync mirrors. An rsync mirror can be setup on any linux or Windows (using Cygwin) server.
Total connections and overal bandwidth can be limited.
More info soon.
copy paste from forum. I can't wait!

tl;dr ace mod is a huge mod with tons of vehicles , gameplay enhancements and tons of otehr things. It's coming out very soon (beta).


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Awesome. ACE in arma 1 was pretty fun. I got burnt out on arma2 after the ridiculous AI. Just kinda annoyed me that we were getting shot by troops and bmps through a portion of forest that extended 3 miles off the coast.

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Originally Posted by Vostro View Post
This is by far the best military game that I have ever played. Its just sad that the community isnt bigger.

well is big on Coop but not in CTF or DM where we suppose to be at shooting at each other and been competitive no stupid Coop crap that just S U C K S join the CTF and DM community as i will be their shooting back while trying to get your flag
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