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Artifacts at 76C on fx6200??

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I'm getting artifacts starting at 76C on a Gigabyte fx6200 card (128MB, 64 bit, AGP). The card is being stressed by displaying HDTV in clone mode on the PC monitor and on a TV screen. The card is not overclocked, but only has a passive heatsink.

Isn't this temp a little low to be showing artifacts? Someone has suggested the card might be defective, I want to know if I should RMA it.

(I know I can get the card to run cooler by adding a fan to increase airflow over the heatsink (I've tried it out), I want to make sure there's nothing wrong with the card itself.)

Thank you all.
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Room temp is in the 70s, dunno about case temp, but it will be a little high because it's on the small side for stuff that's crammed in (though my CPU runs in the low 50s with a stock fan, so it can't be too bad). A contributing problem is the MicroATX board with only 3 PCI slots all of which are filled, meaning that I can't have an empty slot next to the graphics card to help with circulation around the heatsink.

I can bring the running temp down to around 50C running the HDTV setup by placing a case fan inside the case so it blows across the GPU's heatsink, so that's what I'll do. I wasn't sure just how high temps in the 70s were, relatively speaking. I believe the core temp levels off in the low 80s (without supp cooling) running HDTV after an hour so so.

If I can RMA the card, I probably will step up to a 6600, so to have a little more margin on processing power.

Thanks for your input, since I'm not a gamer, I'm a total noob when it comes to stressing video cards.
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