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Artifacts labtek 7800gt

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Hi guys I am having problems with my new 7800gt my board, grx and psu are all new 3 days old now. I was getting artefacts on my screen the 1st day I received them which I posted a question on here about I was recommended to mod bios on my grx card so I did to change some clock feature and it worked ok . Now the only thing I get artefacts in now is 3d mark 05. Aquamark3 is ok and BF2 is ok. I have change driver ECT still the same??????????????
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whatare your temps like??? maybe a little better cooling or turning up the fan speed will help...
55c when running 3dmark when the artfacts hit
turened fans right up to 100% with revatuner still 54 and getting them could it be that 3dmarks does na like my card or is it a RMA job
i have done that if u read the post at the top
has any 1 got an idea i am desprate for this as i have to RMA the stuff if i need to
I would RMA it and see if the new card is any better. If it isn't, then you're no worse off then you were before.
I would RMA it if you aren't happy, and you should be able to if you got artifacts right out of the box with no OC..also never mention an OC if you are going to RMA something cause it might void the warranty and then you're stuck.

I know you said it happened at stock, just a little forewarning not to mention it.

You might have gotten a bad chip...also what Clock speed does that default to
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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