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AS5 question

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OK im new to this and it is my 1st build. I have everything here for my build but my as5 hasn't come in mail yet. Not sure when it will be delivered cuz I just moved and forward mail is taking forever. MY question is can I go ahead and build system with stock HS/fan and then later remove the hs and apply the as5? Will I need to take cpu off motherboard (Ithink this wil be best to cleann off amd thermal compund) and when I put back in the cpu will I have any problems with having to reload Windows? I hope since it is same cpu, it will not require reloading windows.
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ya it would probably be easiest to remove the cpu from the mobo. get a lint free cloth with some rubbing alcohol to clean the cpu and then put a bb sized amount of AS5 onto the center of the cpu

windows will never know you took the cpu out

just remember to ground yourself and unplug the power supply before removing and installing anything
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