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AS5 safe to use on HDT copper? OCZ Vendetta 2

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I have ocz vendetta 2 and was reading over at benchmarkreviews that you should use a carbon or aluminum-oxide. I just bought the AS5 so I have alot left.

My question is would it be ok to use for now until I get some OCZ freeze or MX-2 or ICD7 ect... in a month or two or would it oxidize it?

I am also using it with my TT DuOrb is that ok?

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Many coolers have exposed copper bases, and lapping a CPU IHS also exposes the copper. AS5 is probably the most popular compound out there, if there was an issue, you would have heard about it.
I have been using AS5 on the Xigma BattleAxe which is HDT obviously, and had no problems.

Been using well over 6 months now.
I've been using AS5 on my Vendetta 2 for months now, i've removed it and reapplied a few times also and it doesn't seem to have oxidized it.
Oxidation only occurrs where oxygen is present... So if you seat your hs right there will be no oxidation. (corrosion is a different story but it doesn't apply in this case) Plus, manufacturers do not use 100%copper for the base, its an alloy.
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