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AS5 vs mx-1 and installtion

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i got a intel P4 550 3.4ghz socket 775, im just wondering whats better to use, arctic silver 5 or mx-1?

also i hear you spread AS5 as were mx-1 you dont, what would be better for my intel, im guessing AS5, and how thin should the layer be when i spread it.
also if i do use arctic silver 5, i was told by a guy to use like plastic wrap, and spread the AS5 all over the cpu, he said i should make it SOOO thin i can just see the wrighting on the cpu, is that good for a pentium also im useing a thermal take blue orb 2 for the cpu cooler, do i put any paste on the cpu cooler or just the cpu, can someone give me a pic of what AS5 looks like on a cpu when its spread out right, on intel that is.:withstupi
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Originally Posted by Zyther
can someone give me a pic of what AS5 looks like on a cpu when its spread out right,

Some people spread it out themselves, usually with a plastic spreader, or business card......but that is not the recomended method according to Arctic Silver. According to the official instructions, a small amount of the compound is squeezed out int he center of the chip, the HS is then pressed down firmly, twisting slightly side to side and then attached. This spreads out the material evenly and makes sure that it is in contact with the HS.

AS5 Instructions

I think spreading it out yourself runs the risk of spreading it too thin and having low spots with no contact, but I've never tried it that way.......letting the heatsink spread it out works perfectly though.

I recomned putting a small amount on as a test first.....press down the HS and then pull it off....see how much coverage that amount gave you, then wipe it down and clean it all off. Then apply either the same amount, or more material, or less material, depending on how much coverage it gave you, and this time press it down, and attach it. This way you're more confident in your coverage.

Remember, once you pull the heatsink off, you have to re-apply.

Do not pull off the heatsink and then put it back on without re-applying new material.

I love AS5, in my last system using a 3Ghz Prescot, just putting AS5 with a stock heat sink lowered my temps 4 degrees.
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