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AS5 vs mx-1 and installtion

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i got a intel P4 550 3.4ghz socket 775, im just wondering whats better to use, arctic silver 5 or mx-1?

also i hear you spread AS5 as were mx-1 you dont, what would be better for my intel, im guessing AS5, and how thin should the layer be when i spread it.
also if i do use arctic silver 5, i was told by a guy to use like plastic wrap, and spread the AS5 all over the cpu, he said i should make it SOOO thin i can just see the wrighting on the cpu, is that good for a pentium also im useing a thermal take blue orb 2 for the cpu cooler, do i put any paste on the cpu cooler or just the cpu, can someone give me a pic of what AS5 looks like on a cpu when its spread out right, on intel that is.:withstupi
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