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Hi, I Just installed my new Asus N6200 TD into my second rig, and now it wouldn't post into the BIOS:\\, tried to use the onboard GFX, but that didn't helped, i also tried to clear the cmos data-no god.
What i'm asking is, Are you familiar with an Windows flashing utility for Amibios(Asrocks associates)?. And is there any Windows BIOS editor for my board so i can tweak and overclock it despite the BIOS problem.
There are no indicators whatsoever of any problem, tho i was getting an message that asked me either post into BIOS and modify my settings manually
or use default settings... I started to get it after i switched to less powerful PSU 20A on the 12V rail to 16A.
But there is no evidence that the PSU causing the problem, because i haven't tried to post into BIOS with the old one either.
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