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asrock p43 or gigabyte p31?

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I am between 2 mobos i am picking for a cheap pc. I do not want it for overclocking i just want to buy it stick on it the rest of the pieces and let it run until he can;t tak more. So I am looking for something stable and not something with overclocking ability. I am sticking to the P because I have been using them like forever so I am not sure if other chipsets will be good. Anyway the two mobos i look at are these:



If G31 chipset is ok then i would not mind getting this either


I am trying to cut off money from everything trying to go from E5300 to E7400.

THanks a lot for your help ^_^
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You'd be better off going with the P43. ASrock or not. It's better than the P31.
If I had to pick it would be the P43, even though it's an AsRock.
The Asrock P43 board is easily the best option.

Speaking of Asrock, they're newer boards are actually pretty good overclockers.
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