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Asrock X370 pro gaming board with Ryzen 5 - Gskill RAM- assistance with XMP profile setttings

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Hello, I have posted about my setup before on this site however can not locate the post and also i have posted on the ASROCK forum as well. the help i was given has not assisted in getting XMP 2.0 profile loaded without windows 10 crashing or becoming unstable.

Post in ASrock forum - language issue hard to understand.

I have tried running it @ 2800mhz and 3200mhz to no avail so i disabled XMP and running @ stock 2133 mhz.

I really want this to work -
here are my specs:
Windows 10 Pro - 22H2 latest featured update - no updates pending.

Asrock X370 gaming pro MB - latest bios version 7.1 - no updates pending.
AMD ryzen 5 2600x - disabled Core boost - ryzen master installed there was an error reported with overheat once i disbled core boost under CRM bus bridge it went away. AMD stock cpu cooler.
Gskill DDR4 3200 (1600mhz) x 2 = 32gb in slot 1B and 2B . open slots 1A and 2A.
intel M2 main C drive - 1tb

Attached CPU z text report -

Bios Images - what to set

in other forum for Asrock i was told to set these settings based off this forum post on OC - Asrock X370 Taichi Overclocking Thread

edit 2022 Aug 15th add screen capture of zentiming and voltages.
in short, must make sure.
1) vddr_SOC = 1.1v
2) cldo_VDDP = 1v
3) vddg_IOD = 1.1v
4) vddg_CCD = 1.1v

A) procODT = 48 ohms for my ram

IOD and CCD is not in my bios ? do i just ignore those?

What steps do i need to take to get this too run or is it just not going to work with the parts i have installed due to compatbility issues. I have saved Default profiles so i can just load the settings again for 2800 and or 3200.

Thank you..


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