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Assassin's Creed not coming to PC?

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I got told that in this months PC ZONE there was a very small write-up about the fact the Ubisoft developers were worried that the control and fighting system may not be able to port to a keyboard. Also said that no PC magazines were allowed near the AC stand at a recent games show. Nothing is set in stone, but PZ are usually on the money, supposedly. You have to look at it from their point of view... to make the most money they make games primarily for consoles, and their games are always in the top 10 sellers list for that market. But they can't start abandoning the real gamers (pc), even if they do supply some disappointing ports.

But i do hope AC will be released for pc. My 360 controller is ready and waiting and it really doesnt take much more money for them to give it to us.
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POP trilogy was awesome, and now assasins creed, (also heard it;s not cming on PC, yet). saw the last sneak preview of it, seemed they had some problems with it cause only the video was showing while 6 months ago there was an playable demo :\\
I was waiting for that game!!!
i would be very surprised it did, i mean the REALLY good games that have good graphics to boot usually always start out on one platform, cuz then the developers can focus more on making it better since they dont have to spend time making it compatible with multiple platforms, there are exceptions and i hope half-life 2 ep 2 wont be less amazing due to the fact valve is making it multi platform
checked ign today and there is a preview for it in the pc section. Looks utterly amazing to say the least.
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