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Assassin's creed !

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Hey OCN !

I just bought ocn, and it keeps crashing on me after about 10 min of gameplay. I have the latest 9,2 drivers. What could be the issue, considering i'm runnin win7. Oh, and when i install a new gpu driver, do i have to uninstall the ones i had before ? Because when o go in the device manager, it says my driver version is 8.582.0.0 ??

Thx and + rep
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Yeah, it's recommended to unistall the original driver, restart your pc, run driver cleaner free version (google it), restart, then install your new driver.

Windows 7 could be a culprit as well. Hard to say, try the driver fix first, then blame the OS.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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