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Assist me with painting the interior of CM690 black

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Hey guys,

I am fairly new here and I'm loving this forum!

I have decided to paint my cm690 interior black. I would need assistance from those who have done so or know how to do it. I need to know what I have to buy (ie: paint, sand paper, primer). Also step-by-step instructions would be nice.

+rep to everyone who helps me!

One more thing, any other 'easy/simple' mod that I can do with the case to improve cooling/airflow? Right now I have moved the bottom fan bracket and mounted it in 5.25'bay. I have read that cutting the grills will also improve the airflow. What tools do it to cut them??

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Dismantling the case to it's frame will help immensely. If you can dismantle down to panels, then doing so might be a good idea as the end result will look more professional.

Once the dismantling is done, thoroughly clean the pieces to be painted and let them dry completely. Washing them in warm soapy water and thoroughly rinsing them of all residues is worth the effort.

Once dry, a light sanding is recommended, but not always necessary (but it can help add to the final paint quality).

I often-times skip the sanding if I am using a self-etching primer.

Once primed, then you can use a spray paint (rattle can). Make sure that you follow the directions for re-coat. Often-times the re-coat should be done with 15 minutes of the last coat, or after 12-24 hours.

Apply several thin coats as opposed to a single heavy coat as the latter will have a tendency to run.

Allow the pieces to fully cure before you handle them or fingerprints and marring will occur.

Ventilation: (similar to what you already have in place) A Scythe Kama Bay cooler adds a nice 120mm fan upfront for intake (I would replace the stock fan), and a blow-hole mod in the top of the case will balance out the internal pressure by providing added exhaust. And, removing all meshing and obstructions will aid in airflow, but might introduce a hazard to small and curious fingers.

For cutting on the case I would recommend a Dremel with a cut-off wheel, or you could use snips, although snips (generally) do not leave the clean edge that a Dremel will.
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Dismantle, then for a good smooth surface helps the pant stick better sand it, use 2 coats of primer, then 3-4 coats of paint, then to finish 3 or so coats of clear coat. And do what Syrillian says rember thin coats dries faster looks better usually dose not run
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ive got the same case. i have black acrylic lacquer spray paint. what spraying technique should i use, like start from the bottom and move up? also, is it cool if i dont use any primer and dont sand the case?
Take it all apart.
rough it up with a wire BBQ Brush
spray it twice, Thin coats of Etching primer. (AutoZone or Advance.)\\
spray 5 thin coat of SATIN Black or SATIN other color but use SATIN
Wait 24 hours for curing and reassemble.
Bottom to top.. Thinnnnnnnn coats.

Originally Posted by theDarkDisciple View Post
ialso, is it cool if i dont use any primer and dont sand the case?
That is a big No No, when it comes to painting, those are probably the two most important things.

If you don't prime it, the paint will peel off, and if you don't sand, even worse.
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I suggest looking into one of those attachment handles for rattle cans. I find that it helps a lot when it comes down to putting down thin and consistent coats of paint. You can find them at your local hardware or auto parts store for about 5 - 6 bucks.
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