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Hi guys,

I own a pair for Astro A40 2013 with mixamp.

The mixamp is updated to the latest firmware.

The mixamp is connected to my computer via optical cable on a Dolby digital live capable sound card (AuzenTech X-PLOSION Cinema 7.1 Sound Card)

There is also a usb cable plug to the pc for voice communication and set so in Windows (replaced with a ps3 remote charger cable due to power cutting off with the oem wire. it's a common issue.)

The setup works fine except I get very poor Mic sound quality.

The problem:

The mic sounds awful. The volume spikes and is all distorted. I try every option possible but I can't get it to work and it's getting worst and worst.

I already had to change one mic on warranty because it stopped working at all.

I'm looking for a none-Astro brand boom mic I could plug there.

I checked and found one from Tritton and one from Turtle Beach that could be good.

My main concern is the Astro A40 mic pinout.


compare to the turtle beach and tritton



Do you guys know any mic that would fit in my headphone?

I would also like to find the Astro A40 mic pinout.

Thank you in advance

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Yesterday I tried connecting directly to the pc and it sound much better.

I also tried to connect the headphone the mixamp and using the astro y splitter connect the mic directly to the pc i get a S*** load of white noise

after few test I might have narrow it down the mixamp itself.... which would sucks....

I'll try some other test tonight
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