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I wanted to create a thread for people to post just how this bug is effecting them. Basically it occurs with 1805 and possibly lower (I'm unsure) where if to many variables are changed quickly between reboots the BIOS resets everything and even deletes OC profiles. For now people believe it's a bug only not a hardware fault in the BIOS chips, but seriously it's pretty bizarre!

I found out abit about this and I think it has to do with their silly function of "if the overclock fails the bios can reset itself automatically". The BIOS is stupid and thinks any non-instant boot is an overclocking failure, an example is my DVI monitor which takes time to be recognized by the BIOS sometimes. Well this BIOS assumes it isn't connecting because the overclock settings failed and resets! There is no way of turning this function off and so usually every 5 reboots later my DVI isn't recognized immediately and the BIOS will reset. As I said it also erases the OC profiles for god knows what reason.

I don't want advice here only others experiences with this bug, because it's real and not imaginary. I was eventually able to downgrade to the first BIOS using THIS

Anyways thanks and goodbye

Place bets on when/if a new BIOS will be released to fix this!

The oversensitive BIOS option is this:

Overclocking Protection :
- ASUS C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall)
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