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Asus 4830 fan

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I recently i got an Asus 4830 and it was great(OC'd to ~800/1100), but later the fan started acting up.
Nope, it's not the reference cooler, it's asus's own heatsink with no fanspeed control...

Anyways i started hearing this fairly quiet clicking sound from my pc, so i checked the temps and somehow idle gpu core temps were 10c more than usual. The fan might be a bit crooked, but i doubt that.
It sort of stops clicking and speeds up a bit when i push on the "fan cage". has anyone had this issue?
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I had the same issue with The Asus 4830, where the Fan Bracket ontop of the heatsink began to rattle around after a few days, then after a few days of that i noticed that my system had one day turned itself off while i took some n00bs to skool in 2142!

and with that i felt it was injury to insult and cracked open the case to discover the cooler fan had stopped working! i cranked open CCC and looked at the temp and it was 85 degrees C! which i know is about 10 degrees above normal load running temp!! so i shut down the system as quick as i could and left it alone for a few hours came back and turned it of and kiked CCC in the guts and watch the IDLE TEMP rise to 65 Degerees C with an ambient temp of about 15 Degrees C...this Almost makes me wanna buy an nVIDIA card......did i just say that?!

i'm sending it back for RMA to the vender and hope that this was a one off thing for me as everything else i have owned from Asus has been solid gold and has worked perfectly.
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