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asus a8n series owners

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Ok, my asus a8n 32x sli came today. Which pieces of software that come with the mobo should I install and shouldnt install and in which order?
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well check your bios to see if you have the latest one already installed. i think the latest stable bios is 1009 if i'm not mistaken. if not, then i'd download the new bios and updated chipset drivers first before slapping your system together. if you're not famaliar with updating the bios, i'd follow one of the guides they have floating around.

things i personally installed from the mobo cd:
Nforce drivers (including SMBus)
PC Probe
Ethernet Driver from Marvell Yukon

things i avoided:
NVArmor (software firewall)
Nvidia Raid controller
Realtek 97 audio (did not need for seperate sound card)

those are off the top of my head. i didn't bother with any of the utilities besides PC Probe which just gives you Temp. and fan RPMs. good luck.
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