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Asus G72GX-RBBX05 Review

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So here is a review of an Asus G72GX-RBBX05. If you have any questions or want information/pictures that is missing from this review, feel free to ask!

For lots of benchmark results and further temperature recording, see Tim4's review!

I bought this unit new from Best Buy. I upgraded from a Gateway P-7805u.

The basic specs are:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 @ 2.53Ghz
nVidia GTX 260M 1GB
17.3" Widescreen LCD 1600x900

Build Quality

Coming from my P-7805u (and occasional use of my wife's HP dv7), this Asus is absolutely awesome in it's build quality and design. It is fairly light for it's size, at just over 9lbs, but it is very rigid and solid. You can pick up the laptop from one corner and it virtually does not flex at all. Similarly, the touchpad and surrounding areas are very solid to the touch, and show no sign of flex during normal use. The LCD lid does flex some, but not more than any other 17" laptop I've ever used. The Republic of Gamers logo lights up blue, as does a small bar that lines up against the brushed aluminum section. It's pretty subtle I guess, but adds a nice amount of "look at me" without being ridiculous.

Aside from that strip of brushed aluminum on the LCD lid, the entire surface is plastic with a glossy finish. This means dust and lots of fingerprints. So far, the dust build up has not been very apparent, but fingerprints are. There is a little microfiber cloth included to keep it clean, but don't expect it to shine all the time.

The touchpad is flush with the rest of the palmrest area, but has little dimples to give it texture. It's a nice large size and tracks very well. I love the gesture capabilities of Windows 7, and the touchpad functions well here too. Furthermore, the top of the G72GX remains completely cool to the touch, even while gaming. This is a major plus, as my P-7805u would become uncomfortably warm even under extended normal use.

The keyboard is a chiclet style, and it works well. Key strokes are easy, but feel solid and keep a muted tone. It's also has an adjustable LED back light, which is a really nice feature.

The 1600x900 LCD is great. Honestly, I don't know why people complain about 16:9 screens. This is a great medium-high resolution for a laptop; games look awesome and I feel that I have plenty of screen real estate to work easily. I use Writer and Calc a lot for college, and do basic image editing (photography's a light hobby), and I never feel constricted on this screen.

Ports-a-plenty, covered up nicely. There is a little plastic hatch that covers the ports on each side on the laptop. Some may find this hard to open, especially if you have really short fingernails. It looks pleasing though, and I don't mind the protection for the ports even though I've never had a problem before.

On the right side there is an Express Card slot, wireless On/Off switch, 2 headphone jacks (one is also S/PDIF capable), 1 mic port, and 2 USB ports.

On the left side there is are 2 more USB ports, 1 Firewire, SD slot, and the DVD drive.

Finally, the back has the power port, exhaust vent, HDMI, e-SATA, VGA, LAN, and a lock.

Underneath we get to the heart of the beast. The layout here is very unique I think, but it works well. The battery is actually located underneath the palmrest area at the front of the laptop. Also interesting, but a non-issue, is that the hard drives are not next to each other. Also, the laptop does not come with a bracket assembly for a second hard drive. So if you want to put another hard drive in, you will need to call Asus or go searching for the bracket.

The cooling system uses heatpipes from both the CPU and GPU to one heatsink. There is only one fan, but it get's the job done. As for cooling, even though the system works well enough, it could probably have been a lot better if Asus had opened up the bottom panel more. There are only a few slots for air, but they are positioned over the large aluminum heatsink to draw air over it.

Here are closeups of the cooling system and the memory. Everything is easy to get to, should you want to upgrade the RAM or CPU, or need to get in there and clean it out.


This laptop performs great for it's price. The combination of an overclockable CPU and the GTX 260m is a good match. Those looking for quad-core processing can get it in the RBBX09 model. An odd note though for the GPU is the fact that Asus actually underclocked it, likely for heat related issues.

The Asus default for the GPU is 500/800/1250, compared to nVidia's reference speeds of 550/950/1375. It my testing, both speeds maintain normal operating temperatures, although it's pushing it close when overclocked. The CPU runs at 2.53GHz, but can be overclocked easily with an Asus utility. The highest speed from this tool is 2.9GHz flat, although I believe you can use SetFSB or other tools to go higher if you choose.

Speaking of heat, here's a chart. These are overclocked conditions. CPU: 2.9Ghz, GPU 550/950/1375. "Stock" means just the laptop by itself, "NZXT" is when it was sitting on my Cryo NZXT cooler. Using the cooler makes overclocking easier on mind. The temps are a little high for me when not using the cooler. Not unsafe for the hardware per say, but still...


Did a special test of cooling with the bottom plastic cover off. When overclocked, the new temps were:
CPU: Idle - 30C / Load - 63C
GPU: Idle - 49C / Load - 72C

I think I will try to make a custom bottom panel to open up the air flow more. That was a big drop in temps, a total of -12C/-13C under load from stock cooling.


At stock speeds, the laptop is a solid performer, and it gets a little better with overclocking. I play Modern Warfare 2 maxed with 4xAA and L4D2 maxed with 8xAA. I haven't played anything else on this laptop yet. Overclocking the CPU and GPU helps, but not necessarily by a whole lot. For most games, you will likely be able to raise a few settings, or bump up the resolution/AA a notch and still maintain the same frame rate. 3DMark06 was 10,191 stock, and 11,561 overclocked. 3DMark Vantage posted 6006 when overclocked. The freedom to overclock, whatever the gain, is great though.

Overall, I really like this laptop so far. I think the performance and design qualities are great for laptop in this price range. I'd get it over the new Gateway P-79xx series any day of the week, even if it is a bit more expensive. For me it get's a straight 10/10.
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Nice Review, I actually went to bestbuy to buy this machine yesterday, I ended up saving myself some money, and got the 15.6" base model.

Only downer to the base rig is the P7450 cpu in it. Even the 15.6" has excellent build quality.

Do you find that the glossy surface attracts finger prints? (another reason I didn't go with the 17.3" model)

Great machine! Enjoy!

You should show the bottom, and how easy it is to access the entire underside of the motherboard... Just a suggestion!
Okay, I updated it with more pictures of the underside.

And to answer your question about fingerprints, yes, it attracts a lot of them. But, they don't show much unless you look at the laptop at an angle where it reflects light, and it cleans up really easy. The touchpad actually works best when there's a little natural oil/grease on it from your fingers.
Made me wish I had an Asus laptop to replace my Compaq Presario. How much was it? Since I'm job hunting, I might just do some window shopping to see if those Asus laptops are decent gaming machines.
Looking at that, and hearing what you had to say about the fingerprints, really makes me wish i had spent a little more, its just so big. too bad I opened the 15.6"

Also: good to know about the cooler, I might need to pick one of those up, my friend has the NZXT, seems like a worthwhile purchase.

great idea, maybe I should do one of the G60VX. Hehe
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Looks so much like the internals of the P-6831FX, P6860-FX, P-7811FX, P-7801u and P-7805u lol, the whole Gateway FX serie!

Originally Posted by Emmanuel View Post
Looks so much like the internals of the P-6831FX, P6860-FX, P-7811FX, P-7801u and P-7805u lol, the whole Gateway FX serie!
I don't think so, the layout is completely different. ALL P-68xx and P-78xx and P-79xx share the same chassis. Same cooling, same layout, etc. But it's all arranged differently...

What I think is funny is how bloody hot my old P-7805u would get even under normal use, and it has two fans and heatsinks. The G72GX only has one fan and stays way cooler.
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Ive been looking at this laptop as well so thank you very much for doing a review... I however am still stuck on the Gateway FX. It seems to offer a little more for a little less.

For anyone with knowledge of the Gateway fx P-7915u, what are you opinions?
The P-79xx uses the same chassis as the 78xx and even the 68xx, which IMO is getting a little dated. Performance wise, you will get the same thing as the Asus for $100 or so less. You just can't overclock it... It's a good laptop, no doubt. I'm just more impressed by the design quality of the Asus.
I just picked 1 of these up Friday and absolutly love it!The keys on the board are amazingly soft and have a good feel.The performance is oustanding.
I have had mine for almost a week now. I play games and surf the net . My older computer was huge monster with multiple fans and made a LOT of noise. I like how quite this is .
So far I have only played Borderlands on and have not over clocked it. The games runs great. There was a installing issue but I think that was more of a windows 7 issue than an Asus issue.
i got it at bestbuy $1149.00 . I think it is a bestbuy exclusive as i could not find any otehr deals online. I paid a bit extra to haver them remove a lot of the "crap" that it normally comes with . There is still a lot of stuff on it . I am wondering if you can let me know what asus exclusive stuff I can safely remove. I hate that it loads microsoft messenger whenever it starts. Probably a windows 7 thing that I have not been able to figure out . Aside from overclocking can anyone help me streamilne it a bit? Thanjks in advance . And maybe suggest a good carrying case. there are not to many for a laptop this large .
The only Asus anything I left installed is ASUS LifeFrame3, which powers the webcam, and the Turbo Gear Extreme, which lets you overclock the CPU. You can really remove all of it "Safely," as in your laptop will not be crippled or something. You will just lose whatever feature that is. Honestly, none of them matter to me except the Turbo Gear to overclock the CPU.

As for Messenger starting when Windows starts, that's an option you need to turn off in Windows Messenger. I'm not sure where the checkbox is, but there will be one somewhere in the options tabs that says "Load Windows Messenger when Windows start" or something similar. Just uncheck it.

I use an Osprey Elroy messenger bag to pack it and my school books around. Really nice bag. The laptop is kind of a tight fit, but it works great.
i was just looking at this laptop

seems the best thing for me to do is to buy it from america and get it shipped, costs waay too much in the uk something like £500 more
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i owned the 6831fx but when it got stolen and i got my insurance i got the g72gx and i have to say the asus is a better machine overall.
Hey, for people who own this laptop, How is the sound card on it? Does anyone have a higher end pair of cans/speakers that can attest to the onboard audio?
Hump de bump
Hello all...I have some questions that you might be able to ask. my old laptop had soda spilt over it by my cat, just took it to best buy to have them do what they could but i have been told that it may be a total lost, with that said ive been looking at laptops that are of the same price or configuration.
old laptop Toshiba Qosmio gx 804 2.0 duel core
nvidia 9200gs turbocache 256 MB Deciaded max allicaled 1791 MB total 2041 MB
HDD 320 sata 5400 rpm
18.4 true brite
4 gb ram DDR2
i wanted to know if i get the asus g72gx-rbbx09 if it is worth losing $1000 on my claim.
current spec of the asus laptop are:
intel Core 2 Quad core 2.0 (how much overclocking can be done)
17.3 HD LCD
6 GB DDR2 (what is the max the broad will take)
SATA 640 GB 7200 RPM
Nvidia GeForce gtx 260m 1GB GDD3

Thanks for your input into this in advance
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