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Asus Gene Z Build

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Hello, My iMac's reaching retirement age (5yrs), I though I'd have a bash at building a snazzy recording/folding rig. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Intel Core i5-2500K
NZXT Vulcan MATX case
OCZ ModXStream Pro, 700W - semi modular so should be tidy
Crucial M4 64gb SSD
Corsair 8gb vengeance ram (not sure which latency version to get though)
Corsair H60 (It's a tight fit for heatsinks in the case, don't want to go full water cause I'll be lugging it about.) Maybe H100 if it's out in time...
Integrated graphics? (Will upgrade after more paydaze, same with a HDD will use external in the mean time)
Motu 8pre firewire soundcard

Might even go for a hackintosh once I get a Graphics card...

Any advice before I pull the trigger this weekend?

Thanks, Greg
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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