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[???] ASUS M2N32WS Pro+Phenom 9950

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[???] ASUS M2N32WS Pro+Phenom 9950

do they work together? b/c last time i bought a PII 940 it does not work... wondering if 9950 will, and i went to asus compatible website, it only listed 9750 125Watt version, will this 9950 140W works? i dont mind downclock it...
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lol that sounds so familiar...my other thead regarding 940...they told me the same....
@ asus forum, 180X works with Phenom 2, any new or the newest (2001) will not work.... but no info regarding phenom 1
I don't see why it shouldn't work.

You might consider a Phenom II though; I have got two different AM3 CPUs to work with one of my WS Pro boards so I suspect that all AM3 CPUs works.
Did you try the 940 CPU with BIOS 1802? The newest BIOSes seem to offer allot worse compatibility with new CPUs.

Also I recommend that you take a look at (and consider joining) http://www.overclock.net/amd-motherb...-sli-club.html
The people who read that thread has allot of experience with the M2N*boards.
AS u see i dont have any old AM2/AM2+ cpu to play with...(i borrow my friend's CPU and boot it up...it is 2001...and i did not have chance to flash it, b/c he took his pc back...)

here is the timeline

- ASUS A8N32X died, RMA
- Replaced with Brand NEW M2N32SW PRo
- Bought PII 940
- PII 940 = No luck with the board
- Bought GA 790FX board
- PII 940 runs perfect & M2N32SW Pro collecting dust

few months later... need new build to retired my old P4 server
- Bought AMD X2 6400+ off [H]
- month later, never arrive
- Now, decide to buy Phenom 9950 off ebay...
- Reading online and ASUS support only up to 9750.....
- I am here...

p.s. IF my 9950 does not work, does anyone has super duber low end AM2 cpu i can buy off or borrow to flash the stupid bios?
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i still need a low end am2 cpu...
still too much for one time use....seriously no one want to sell me their old "1" core cpu?
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