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Asus M4a87td-evo Posting issues (HELP!)

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So, ever since i got a steelseries 6GV2 for my birthday (which i am loving so far) my motherboard has been having some problems with it.

Basically what happens is that it will post about 1 in 10 times you attempt to boot up.

It seems to be okay if I dont over excessively turn it on and off.

I know for sure that it must be the keyboard causing this problem as it has never happened to me for the past year of using my computer almost every single day. Its the keyboard or a really really big coincidence!

When it does fail to post, i just have to shut it off by tapping the power switch once on my case, and then hitting it again to reboot and it works fine but its freaking me out that it even does that, its obviously not normal.

Any help would be great! Thanks!
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I also want to add that I ran P95 for a bit and it was fine, I also checked all my voltages in the BIOS and all of the settings, and even reset the Bios.

IMPORANT: This problem still occurs even if I shut off my power supply and turn it back on.

Im currently trying another USB port for now to see if it works.

Oh yeah and this may be irrelevant but I also just finished overclocking my MX 518's polling rate from 125 to 500hz... again though it has nothing to do with it as this problem was here before oc'ing my usb port.
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