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asus m4n78 to m3a78

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because the problem from n78 (2 sata 5,6 will work only on ahci mode and windows vista dont like that????)
so i bought m3a78 and hope to use all sata ports easy
tomorrow i will get her and see
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Originally Posted by Quantum Reality
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You should double-check that there isn't a JMicron controller for some of the SATA ports on the other board as well.

there is no jmicron in n78
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i did that and stops working
maybee i need vista sp1 dvd ??????????????
my don´t have and after fresh installation i install sp1
kool beer
in bios there is 6 sata and detects all hard drives
the only bad thing is my gtx280
blocks 4 to 6 sata ports i need to use curve sata cables
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