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Hey guys i bought this mobo today and im trying to overclock my FX 8120 but i dont know what i have to make with voltages, that mobo is VERY different from gigabyte one, so i need a help.

I disabled all cpu features;
I set the multiplier to 22.5;
I set memories do 1600mhz;
NorthBridge to 2600;
HT to 2200;
Load Line Calibration to Ultra High;
But it has some others options like CPU/NB Load Line Calibration, i have to set it to Ultra High too?
CPU Current Capability/ CPU/NB Current Capability i have some % options, what i have to do?
AND now the voltages, i dont know what to do, i want to set the voltage to 1.4, stock is 1.27 but when i raise it nothing happens, the voltage meter doesnt change, stay on 1.27.

PLEASE give me a light, i dont know what to do.


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CPU/NB Current Capability: 130%
CPU Current Capability: 130%
CPU Power Phase Control: Extreme

CPU & NB Voltage: Manual Mode
CPU Manual Voltage: 1.4~ (depending on how much voltage droop you have)

Let me know if there are any other questions. I have the same mobo and an 8320.

If this info helps please +Rep!
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