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Asus M5A99fx PRO 2.0 overclock Help!!!

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Hey guys i bought this mobo today and im trying to overclock my FX 8120 but i dont know what i have to make with voltages, that mobo is VERY different from gigabyte one, so i need a help.

I disabled all cpu features;
I set the multiplier to 22.5;
I set memories do 1600mhz;
NorthBridge to 2600;
HT to 2200;
Load Line Calibration to Ultra High;
But it has some others options like CPU/NB Load Line Calibration, i have to set it to Ultra High too?
CPU Current Capability/ CPU/NB Current Capability i have some % options, what i have to do?
AND now the voltages, i dont know what to do, i want to set the voltage to 1.4, stock is 1.27 but when i raise it nothing happens, the voltage meter doesnt change, stay on 1.27.

PLEASE give me a light, i dont know what to do.

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CPU/NB Current Capability: 130%
CPU Current Capability: 130%
CPU Power Phase Control: Extreme

CPU & NB Voltage: Manual Mode
CPU Manual Voltage: 1.4~ (depending on how much voltage droop you have)

Let me know if there are any other questions. I have the same mobo and an 8320.

If this info helps please +Rep!
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Awesome! Thanks, i set the voltage to 1.4 and now everithings is working fine, my LLC was the problem. Now its solved thanks!
Anyone able to help with getting the 8120 to 4.5ghz and stable? Would like some help please. Am slightly new to OCing.
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