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So far very good mainboard, I am using it for over two years.

Now... In PCI-E near the blue chipset cooler is occupied with R9-290x. Once this card was installed in system, trouble with temperatures on VRM started to surface. Immediatelly after the change from HD 7970 I had to rebalance OC settings for CPU, and now I am currently capped at 3800Mhz for CPU.

I believe that CPU has much better potential, but despite solid cooling its VRM temperature + heat from GPU which is causing trouble.

Mainboard, nor the coolers are affected with dust (seems to be pretty dust proof), I am considering to reapply thermal paste/pads or whatever is beneath the cooler yet... the problem is most likely not in non-functional coolers, rarther than heat from GPU is heating up one part of the cooler.

Any kind of isolation between GPU and MB cooler may end up badly - mainly for GPU. I am considering to rather use closed-loop water cooler for GPU.

Replacement of GPU to other slot is however not possible, as I am using PCI slot as well.

Current and noisy solution is to turn exhaust fan around, so air from CPU and out so the colliding air is hitting even MB cooler (and giving 100mhz on CPU).

Any ideas or recommendations?

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I ran into that same problem when I upgraded from a 280X to a 290X. This is my solution.

Also, I use a twin tower cooler with the center fan mounted as close to the motherboard as possible so it blows some cool air at the VRMs. Removing the I/O panel also helps with air flow.
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