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Ok I have the above board and chip, corsair h100 cooling it on medium setting and runs great, never overclocked so far, never needed to.
I have 2 x GTX 780's coming tomorrow and although im gonna try it all out first id imagine ill be cpu bound in some games at stock 3.4 / 3.8 turbo.
Basically Im knowledgable enough with pc parts in general but have never been into overclocking.
This is an excellent board for it so im just looking for some advice on what would be a good overclock to look at if i need to, not trying to break any barriers just some mid-range o/c to keep form being cpu bound, as i said if i need it.
Some people say the auto turbo evo program works well, others say it doesnt.
Any basic advice would be great just what i need to change and bear in mind i aint done it before, done very little in this bios actually

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I've got a similar setup with a GTX 690 and I run mine anywhere between 4.5-4.8 for gaming. (BIOS 3603)

I manually make sure my voltages are set to where I think they should be in the first page.

I set:

"My" DRam to 1.6V as I have Corsair Dom GT 2133 C9 4x4, (BSOD with anything less)

CPU to 1.39 ~ 1.40 for 4.8GHz (48x100.0 Bclk)
VCCIO to 1.15
CPU PLL to 1.7 ~ 1.8

Under DIGI+ VRM page

Vcore Load Line Calibration to 75%
Vcore Switching Freq to manual 350

Most everything else is as stock as a rock except for how my hardware pages need to be configured.

See how you go around that ballpark. YMMV
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