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Today when i enabled the XMP profile in the BIOS of my Maximus VIII Hero motherboard, and when i started the PC up again i noticed while dragging my different program windows around they were stuttering and i thought that was quite weird, like it was stuttering all over the place. And the only thing i could think of that i had changed was the XMP profile. I looked in the Windows Event Viewer and checked for Errors, but none were to be found. I also tried checking the GPU/RAM/CPU temps and usage while dragging the windows around but it was exactly as normal.
So i turned XMP off. And then everything started working normally again. Which i thought was even weirder. So i then enabled the XMP profile again (just enabling it, not changing any of the settings.) just to find the same issues again. So i have now turned off the XMP profile and set it to "Manual" and set the RAM speed myself and when doing so everything seems to work flawlessly.

But what i wonder is, how could the XMP profile cause something like this? Is it normal or should i be worried?

My PC Specs:
i7 6700K (Stock)
16GB 2666Mhz Corsair Vengeance
ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard (Running the latest BIOS as of today, 4/10-16)
EVGA 850W G2 80+ Gold PSU
120GB Samsung 850EVO SSD (Windows Installed here)
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